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etailo GmbH, the leading European multi-channel gift card distributor, maintains a network of over 50,000 points of sale at retail outlets such as gas stations, lottery agencies, supermarkets, drugstores, and bank branches where gift cards for over 100 brands such as Douglas, IKEA, Saturn, Zalando, and Amazon.de are sold.

On December 3, 2013 Blackhawk Network announced the takeover of Retailo GmbH. As a result of the acquisition the network of Blackhawk sales partners in EMEA increased in number to a total of around 70,000.

Innovative eBusiness Solutions

In addition to the „offline“ distribution in gas stations, lottery kiosks, supermarkets and banks, Retailo is increasingly relying on distributive channels in the online world: Retailo does not only offer gift cards via the online shop www.geschenkkartenwelt.de, but also digital gift codes via email, SMS or MMS which can be purchased on www.giftmobile.de, as well as via social media apps.

In 2012, Retailo began to establish a payment area of its own for prepaid credit cards so that its product range now includes its own prepaid credit cards, rechargeable prepaid credit cards, an online shopping card, and KINO movie gift cards. These new products are now bundled on the new www.jokerkartenwelt.de portal.

Business Clients

The use of corporate voucher solutions is growing increasingly important. To provide ideal coverage for the complex range of voucher solution services, additional customized voucher solutions for business customers complement Retailo GmbH’s extensive portfolio and are bundled under the solutions provided by Advano GmbH.

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Further information about Retailo:


Besides selling gift cards in more than 33,000 distribution agencies, Retailo offers a complete online distribution network on the web.


Retailo consolidates broad range retailers, gift card providers and customers and creates enormous advantages for everyone.

About us

Retailo operates with its Geschenkkartenwelt as a full-service provider in the prepaid and gift card industry.


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